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Long-distance romance blooms in Regina

Stirred ... not shaken

Stirred … not shaken


















When reviewing destinations for a romantic weekend, I have to admit Regina would not usually come to mind — but this was no ordinary weekend away.

In fact, Regina was a convenient (almost) half-way point between my home in Alberta and my beau’s residence in North Dakota.

Regina was a destination new to both of us, and quite frankly sightseeing was not necessarily on the top of our list, but with both of us being optimistic and romantic by nature, we were determined to uncover Regina’s romantic side.

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Get lost in the Edmonton Corn Maze

Corn blue sky

Corn blue sky



















Where is the oldest university in the world?

Mmm … an interesting question and one that neither of us knows the answer to. We could, of course, Google it but then where is the fun in that? The four multiple-choice answers have the words (turn left) or (turn right) next to them. “Morocco” I guess randomly and we head left accordingly.

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Where Canada and the US collide

Relaxing after the Crypt Lake hike

















WATERTON LAKES NATIONAL PARK, ALBERTA — A rare welcome treat in life is to re-visit somewhere that you loved the first time you went there, only to discover that it’s even more amazing than you remembered.

Driving into Waterton Lakes National Park recently, my jaw dropped as a new stunning view greeted me around every corner.

Waterton National Park, located in southwest Alberta, borders Glacier National Park in Montana and together they were designated as the world’s first International Peace Park in 1932, a symbol of peace and goodwill between Canada and the United States. This was my third visit to the park; the last trip was almost two years prior.

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10 great places to canoe in Canada

Canoeing on the Athabasca River, Alberta

Canada has the largest surface of freshwater of any country in the world, with an estimated 32,000 lakes larger than three square kilometres and an unknown number of rivers.

The choices of waterways for the novice, intermediate or expert canoeist are numerous. With some help from Paddle Canada and other experts, here are 10 that deserve notable mention as we prepare to get outdoors and enjoy paddling around the nation this summer.

10 great places to canoe in Canada


10 quirky attractions in Alberta

Saumer Time Alpaca Ranch

Saumer Time Alpaca Ranch

Alberta is known worldwide for a number of attractions including the Great Canadian Rockies, Lake Louise, Drumheller and the West Edmonton Mall.  In addition to these magnificent sights, discerning visitors can find a number of other more unusual places to include on their itineraries.

Read about just 10 of the quirky attractions available in Alberta here.


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